Friday, May 25, 2012

Instant Karma

Brooding Works Wonders

So I write a piece about the ups and downs of the writing life--receiving rejections, specifically--so naturally, I received a clutch of mondo cool theatres (which shall remain nameless unless some great happens) asking to see my work. Never fails (except when it does).

Also in the Department of Great Things, I just got word that "The Centering," a one-man show I wrote with Portland actor extraordinaire Chris Harder, gets a two-week extension at CoHo Theatre after a three-week stand at Portland's Shoebox Theatre...and to top it off, The Oregonian gives it the kind of review that goes down like a hot buttered rum on a freezing day:

'The Centering' gets additional two-week run at CoHo Theater

Maybe I should whine more often.


Lexi Cross said...

This is a great post! and I love your blog follow mine please

Mike O'Brien said...

Hi, Steve-- Good to meet you at Carol Ann and Patrick's Big 10th event. I haven't had your plays on my radar but look forward to experiencing one now that I know about you. And thanks for your blog posts, I recognize the mind games that you described here--perhaps every artist goes through such self-doubt and has to find a way to set them aside and keep going. My conscious mind is quite the critic, while my intuitive mind is inarticulate, so they have been in a struggle. Best wishes, see you again soon, Mike O'Brien

Steve Patterson said...

And a pleasure meeting you, Mike. I'm looking forward to checking out your photos. I hear what you're saying about the struggle between the conscious and the intuitive. I wish I had half the smarts my intuitive side manages to cough loose. -- Best, S