Monday, February 17, 2014

Mondo News

After a ton of work, I'm finally able to announce this: my new website, Splatterverse ( is now up and running.  My old site is just a lonely old placemarker. The new site, of course, has stuff on my plays (including samples folks can read), but, much more exciting to me, the site really tries to provide quality resources for writers, playwrights, theatre people, journalists, photographers, musicians, and artists in general. Some sections are still under development, but I feel there's enough good stuff there to announce the site; so folks can start using  the resources. My blog has also moved there, although I'll continue this blog for awhile, until the full transition is ready.
The project has been cool as hell to work on, and, if it sounds like your thing, I encourage you to check it out and get back to me with your comments. (And, if you dig it, pass it on to others.)
Much work remains to be done, but here's hoping the site will serve as intended: a hub that creative people can use to further their art and careers.
Steve Patterson

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