Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bone Done Got Frenched


Playwright Willam S. Gregory came up with this rather off-center but inspired idea to have the Portland Center Stage playwrights group write short pieces about food and horror, tie it all up in a bouquet garni, and present it around Halloween under the title "Frenching the Bones." That's a culinary term regarding a technique for artfully removing meat from ribs, and you can fill in your own joke because those in the group have pretty much exhausted them all.

Anyway, the meal was served last night at Portland's CoHo Theatre, and it was quite well received. Had a pretty near full house, and you could feel the audience was riding right along with the plays, laughing, groaning, or gasping at exactly the right times. Kudos to the splendid playwrights involved, but special notes to Chef Gregory, Matt Zrebski who directed, and some very fine actors who gamely took on 28 roles in one evening. The meal was delectable, the presentation impeccable. The diners completely satiated.

In short, as the late William S. Burroughs would have said in a rasping, nasty voice dripping with sardonic menace: it was unspeakably toothsome.



Kristan said...

A magnificent evening of theater! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Mead said...

It was a grand evening, wasn't it. And Steve, it was gratifying in the case of your piece to get the squeamish OOOOOOOOOOHs I was hoping to hear from our audience. You totally grossed them out, dude -- one patron actually fled the theater right after MARKO's LAST DAY. Congratulations!

splattworks said...

Thank you. Just doing my job.

Anonymous said...

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splattworks said...

No problem. Thanks for the kind words.