Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Has Broken

"Draw bamboos for ten years, become a bamboo, then forget all about bamboos when you're drawing." --Georges Duthuit--

There's a perfect light just before the sun goes. When colors deepen and saturate. As with most moments of grace, it's fleeting. But it's worth waiting for. Once a day. Twice if you, you know, get up to see the sun rise too. Though that's less relaxing because you need to be awake and everything. Else you're just as likely to suddenly jolt awake, you've missed the perfect moment, and there's drool on your chin. Sunrise, coffee...forget it. Not the same.

Did I mention that perfect light thing?

*Dull thud as head hits the desk*

"See your future. Be...your future. Make...make it! Make your future. I'm a veg, Danny." --Ty Webb--


Anonymous said...

Did you take this awesome shot Steve? It is breathtaking

CAS, yeah I know it's techincally CAW now, but I just can't call myself the sound of a crow, ya know?

splattworks said...

It is the right place at the right time. Thank you.